SAKURA     OverDrive               


 SAKURA OverDrive is ...


This is an overdrive pedal with Japanese paper pasted for Reverb for outside Japan.


The internal board is the same as ".yellow Over Drive".

By reviewing the resistance value, from clean sound to crunch sound,

It is possible to create sounds up to the drive sound by reviewing the clipping diode.

By reviewing the overtone components, a symmetric distortion element that does not generate extra overtones as much as possible is used to provide a sound that is not buried in other parts and a three-dimensional sound.


The high-cut method is used for tone control, but the high-frequency attenuation in the tone circuit uses the second-stage high-cut filter (fixed type) to remove excess high-frequency components.


By dropping it into a curved shape, you can open the tone a little from the sound closer to the middle. You can actively use the volume and tone of your guitar.


This product is

"Reverb" is a monopoly product.


 Japanese paper pasted body, matte red LED




Since the aluminum die-cast case is used as it is, there are welds, dents, etc., but please note that it is the specification of the case.


Please note that the appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice. Keep a history of major changes.






SAKURA OverDriveは・・・




内部基板は「.yellow OverDrive」と同じです。








Reverb」様 専売品となります。











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